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Unlock the Selling Power of Beautiful Design

Home Staging is an art that fuses interior design, merchandising, and marketing. As trained and certified Home Stagers, we specialize in preparing and updating homes for a swift and successful sale through our Pre-Sale Consultations and Remodel Design services. 

We also offer full service Vacant Home Staging services, and have thoughtfully curated a robust inventory of modern, timeless furniture and accessories that resonate with today's buyer, and help your home shine in any market.


This 90 minute comprehensive consultation is the first step to prepping your home for a successful sale. We will conduct a thorough walkthrough of the exterior and interior of the property, and then create a detailed list of recommendations for aesthetic updates and improvements, aiming to optimize the listing and generate a high ROI. While some updates may involve a modest investment (e.g., paint, new carpet or flooring), others can often be implemented at little to no cost


Sourcing of products for updates including light fixtures, flooring, finishes, and hardware is also available, and will be billed at an hourly rate. 

Home Staging Services


Your home is unique, and your staging should be too. Our vacant home staging services offer a custom design concept tailored to enhance your home's finest features while preserving its original style. With our carefully curated selection of high-end furniture and decor, your listing will exude sophistication, appealing to today's discerning and design-savvy buyer.

Our staging goes beyond mere aesthetics; we create a complete sensory experience for potential buyers. From meticulously planned lighting design to subtle fragrances, every detail is thoughtfully selected to create an ambiance that is welcoming, elevated and exquisitely beautiful.


Whether it's a quick refresh or a complete remodel, our Remodel Design services bring your home up-to-date and ready for the market.


After conducting a Pre-Sale Consultation, we will create a detailed design proposal, schedule our contractor and vendors, and oversee the project execution. All design details are selected with the goal of optimizing the listing, and generating a high return on your investment.

Pricing for remodel services varies depending on the scope of project.


Why Staging Works:

According to RESA, staged homes sell on average 73% faster and command prices that are 17% higher than their non-staged counterparts. The ROI on staging in 2023 was 586%.

With 93% of prospective buyers viewing listings online before scheduling a visit, a captivating MLS listing is essential. Our staging services guarantee that your listing not only stands out online, but also forges a compelling connection with today's discerning buyers.

Benefits of Home Staging:

  • Accentuates a home's most appealing features while minimizing less desirable ones.

  • Makes older homes look newer, and smaller homes look larger.

  • Infuses warmth and comfort, making a house feel "like home."

  • Removes ambiguity about room functionality and potential furniture layouts.

  • Motivates buyers by helping them instantly envision utilizing and enjoying the space.

Santa Cruz Interior Design


I've been a Realtor for almost 20 years. I've worked with other home stagers before and also done staging myself. I can confidently say that Swift Haven Interiors is one of the best! I am delighted with their work. They are prompt communicators, do excellent work, and are a pleasure to team with. The investment in staging is always a good value. Swift Haven's beautiful results prove the case."



We are fully insured, trained and certified Home Stagers, as well as a proud member of the associations listed below. We are also an approved member of Coldwell Banker's RealVitalize program.

Certified Home Staging Professional Badge
Home Staging Resource Certification Badge
New York Institute of Art and Design Membership Badge
Design Society of America Membership Badge
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